Indoor shooting starts 11th October

Indoor shooting has been somewhat uncertain until fairly recently. We have had discussions with Ludgvan Community Centre, done risk assessments and worked out shooting procedures to keep everyone at a safe distance apart and comply with the current ArcheryGB and government requirements. We will be shooting in two details of four, keeping the details apart with a one-way system back through the storeroom. We have to pay for the hall, of course, so have had to make a tight compromise between allowing enough time to shoot whilst keeping the session fees as low as we can with a much reduced number of archers.

The whole thing will be more disciplined than normal, but archery is an exercise in self-discipline, anyway!

The hall committee at Leedstown have decided to keep the hall closed for the time being. We respect that decision and look forward to shooting there again when conditions allow.

For the moment, then, we will only be shooting at Ludgvan, and have two sessions there on a Sunday afternoon and two on a Monday evening. It will have to be open to AotW members only to start with. After a few weeks if we find there are regular places available then we will consider opening to visitors.

Edit: added a photo of our shooting line complete with pull-up screens

We’re back!

ArcheryGB recently issued guidelines for returning to outdoor shooting that comply with the current government advice. It involves wider spacing of targets, designated people to put up and take down targets, a Field Captain who doesn’t shoot who will take the register and enforce the social distancing, a booking system on this website, several new lengths of rope marked out with the required distancing and more besides.

We had a trial run yesterday (Tuesday 9th) which was successful, apart from the fact we are all now a long way from being archery-fit and the new bosses are really hard!

The guidelines have been sent to all club members by email. If you are a member and haven’t seen the email then let me or Fi know and we can go through it. Booking in advance is essential.

Sorry, but we can’t accommodate visitors from other clubs at the moment, nor can we run beginners’ courses. We will, of course, be keeping an eye on the guidelines as they change over time and will adapt what we do accordingly. We look forward to welcoming some new archers as soon as we are able to.

For now, though, it is great to be back out shooting!

No archery for a while

It will come as no surprise to anyone that archery activities have been suspended for a while. We normally start the outdoor season at the start of April, and whilst it would be easier to keep a distance from each other outdoors than indoors, the current government order is not go out unless necessary. Much as we love our archery, nobody would argue that it is necessary. We will be monitoring and following government advice and will not restart until the restrictions are relaxed. Even then it may be necessary to observe social distancing rules for a time. This makes it impossible to run any beginners’ courses as we have to get close to people to do any instruction.

We’ll be back when we can. Until then, please respect the advice to stay at home as much as possible, and feel free to get in touch if you are interested in joining us when the time comes.

Valentines Tournament Sunday 16th February

This year’s Valentine Tournament will be held at Pool Academy Sports Hall on Sunday 16th February. We will be shooting a Vegas round in the morning and a Worcester in the afternoon. A Vegas is 5 dozen arrows shot at a special target face with three spots, the idea being that you shoot one arrow into each. Please be aware that your arrows need to be numbered. The targets are numbered 1, 2 and 3, and the rule is that you put numbered arrows in ascending order into each target. So targets 1, 2 and 3 have arrows 1, 2 and 3, or arrows 2, 4 and 8, whatever, as long as they are in ascending order so that everyone can be sure you haven’t missed the target you are aiming at and accidentally scored in another one. Arrows should be marked permanently on the shaft, not the fletching. You can buy decals or wraps from archery suppliers, or a silver pen generally works quite well.

The Vegas face

The Worcester is a black target with a white centre that scores 1 to 5. You shoot five arrows each end rather than the usual three.

The Worcester face

Download an entry form here.