Come and join us once you have completed a beginners’ course! If you are an archer already you can join us any time. Once you have joined you are covered by ArcheryGB insurance, there is a quarterly magazine from ArcheryGB, you can attend tournaments at other clubs and you have access to ongoing coaching as you need it.

Membership fees for 2017-2018

Our fees reflect the new structure introduced by ArcheryGB last year, and include a discounted category for disabled archers.

Seniors (25 and over): Standard £86, Unlimited £155

Seniors (18 to 24): Standard £47.00, Unlimited £116

Disabled Seniors: Standard £41.00, Unlimited £110

Juniors (under 18): Standard £41.00, Unlimited £110

Associates and social members: £15

Target fees (payable each time you shoot)

Indoor: Members £2.00, Visitors £2.50

Outdoor: Members 80p, Visitors £1.50


1. Unlimited members can shoot as often as they like without paying target fees.

2. The ArcheryGB membership year starts on 1st October each year. New members joining on or after 1st April pay half the fee, which covers you until 31st September. When renewing, fees are due in August each year so they can be processed before the start of the year. Members who have not renewed by the end of September will not be able to shoot as they are no longer covered by the insurance.

3. Fees may be paid in instalments – ask for details.

4. Visiting archers are welcome at any time as long as you are members of ArcheryGB (please bring your membership cards).

5. Target fees may change in the event of a change of venue or increases in cost at the current venue.

6. Associates are shooting members whose main affiliation is with another ArcheryGB club. Associates pay the same shooting fees as full club members and are also added to our mailing list for club news.

7. Social members are non-shooting members who still wish to be involved with the club.