Cause vs effect

Cause and effect – it isn’t always obvious which is which. In archery, they are often confused. When looking at any aspect of shooting technique it is important to know why something happens the way it does. How many people do you see snatching their hands behind their heads as a separate movement after release? Somebody has probably told them they need to pull their hand back behind their ear when they let go, so that’s what they do. What should happen is that the hand moves back of its own accord (effect) because there is a steady pull from the shoulder and the string suddenly isn’t resisting any more (cause).

Here’s another one: current thinking is that correct use of the shoulder muscles through the draw (cause) should result in a slightly curved path of the drawing hand (effect). Making the hand go through a curve is not the same thing.

Focus on the cause, and the effect is a sign that you have got it right. It doesn’t work the other way round. Forcing the effect doesn’t make the cause happen!

AGM news

News from our AGM on Friday 10th July: we knew this was coming, but we would like to say farewell and thank you to Peter and Sarah Conisbee, who having moved house have decided to join Redruth Archers as they are much closer to them. We would like to thank Peter for the work he has put in over the last few years as not only Secretary but Tournament Organiser and (along with Sarah) Records Officer as well.

I am now the Secretary, and other members have taken on Peter’s other roles. Most of the other officers have stayed the same.


New website!

Our old website served its purpose well enough, but the time has come for an update and to make it work better with mobile devices. We hope you like it!