Beginners’ course through September

Booking is now live for our next beginners’ course. Dates are Monday evenings 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd September. Each session starts at 6:00pm and will last for about two hours, subject to weather and daylight. We provide all the kit you need and will show the basics of shooting safely and with a good chance of hitting the target. We will also show you some of the different kinds of bows we shoot with. You can read more about it here, and there is also a link at the bottom of that page to book your place.

Teri at the UK Invictus Trials

Teri Hughes was given the opportunity recently to try archery through the Navy as part of a programme to encourage injured service people to try out for the Invictus Games. She tried archery, liked it, found Archers of the West and joined us only a few weeks ago. Now she is in Sheffield ready (at least, we hope she is ready) to compete in the UK Invictus Trials tomorrow in the Novice Archery category.

The photo shows her looking cool in the official kit.

Teri has also made into the promotional video. She makes a brief appearance with her bow a few seconds from the end.

Good luck, Teri!

Update: Teri narrowly missed out on a bronze, coming 4th overall. We think that’s a fantastic achievement. That’s especially considering she was competing against people who have been shooting a lot longer (even in the Novice category). See our Facebook page for more details.

Summer Clout Series

As we usually do during the summer season, we will be having a series of monthly clout shoots with barbecue. It will be the next-to-last Tuesday each month, with a 5:30pm start. For those who haven’t done one before, a clout is aimed at a small flag placed in the ground at long distance and you score depending how close you get. The rugby field isn’t long enough to do a full-distance clout, which is up to 180 yards, so we do one at 100 yards. Most people should be able to reach that far, even with lightweight bows. It does mean aiming high up, but that’s part of the fun. This is an informal series and not intended to be anything serious, but there are awards to be had for the best scores of the season, which we normally hand out at our Christmas shoot.

A barbecue will be lit at the same time, so if you would like to join in then bring something to cook.

If you would prefer to shoot at a normal target then you will be perfectly welcome. We can do both at the same time.

Dates are:

23rd April
21st May
18th June
23rd July
20th August
17th September

That gives an opportunity to try again the following week if the weather is bad.

Beginners course starts 13th May

Fancy giving archery a try? Our next beginners course will start in May. Sessions will be on Mondays 13th and 20th May, then the 3rd and 10th June so we skip the Bank Holiday on 27th May. All sessions will be at Hayle Rugby Club, starting at 6:00pm

We will provide all the equipment you need during the course. We will show you good technique, safety rules, different bits of equipment, how scoring works and so on. This is all with the aim of giving you a good introduction to modern sport archery. You can then decide if you would like to join us at the end of the course.

Anyone is welcome, from the age of 8 upwards. Archery is very inclusive. If you are sporty then it offers a highly disciplined exercise and the opportunity to compete at all levels from local friendly club tournaments all the way to the Olympics. If you are not sporty then archery is a good way to get yourself moving in a gentle manner, regardless of how fit you are. It is a also great sport for many disabled people.

The course costs £40 for an adult and £20 for a junior. Please go to this page and click the link at the bottom to book your place.

Results from Valentine’s Shoot

I have managed to find time to get the results sorted, and you can download a copy here. We have had to correct the golds on couple of scoresheets, as 9s had been counted. I know they are the same colour on the target, but for scoring purposes only 10s count as golds.

We had a bit of a mishap whilst setting out on the Saturday evening, and it appears I got my sums wrong when working out how many target faces we needed and we were a few short on both rounds. Thankfully Jimmy Sandoe had some WA18s in stock and arranged for Anthony Aplin to bring some Worcester faces from Redruth club’s stock. Thank you gentlemen for helping us out!

The next thing to test us was a family turning up whose entry forms hadn’t arrived for some reason. We managed to fit them in, thanks to AOTW member Jon for dropping out of the shoot. Apart from that, everything went pretty well and as far as we know everyone enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all the club members who helped out – without you it wouldn’t happen.

Beginners’ course starts 17th February

Our next beginners’ course will start on Sunday 17th February. After that sessions follow on 24th February and the 10th and 17th March. We have to skip a week on 3rd March as the hall is booked. Each session will start at 2pm and will last about 2 hours. We will go a bit longer on the first session, though, as it always takes a little time at the start to get everyone set up with equipment. We will give everyone a little longer to get some decent shooting in.

We will provide all the equipment you need, and will get you hitting the target safely at gradually increasing distance. We will also show you the different kinds of bow used by our members.

See here for more details and to book a place. If you have any questions, contact Marcus at or via our Facebook page.

Entry Form for Valentine’s Shoot

Archers of the West’s next open tournament is our Valentine’s Shoot, which will be held at Pool Academy on Sunday 10th February. Click here for an entry form.

We generally run this as two different rounds, and this time we will have a WA18 in the morning followed by a Worcester in the afternoon. A WA18 is 5 dozen arrows shot at 18m at a 40cm target face. If you are used to a Portsmouth, 18m is a few inches shorter than 20 yards, so most of you should be able to use your normal indoor sight mark.this is 60cm in diameter. The target two-thirds the size, though, which does focus the attention. This does make it harder to get a high score, but everyone is in it together.

You will note from the entry form that entry for juniors is free, as long as you come from another club. Devon and Cornwall Archery Society this year is supporting junior entries from central funds in an effort encourage more juniors to travel to other clubs and join in the competitions.

Portsmouth results

That was a good, if packed, weekend. It started at 11am on Saturday picking up the trailer, loading it at the rugby club, then shooting at Ludgvan, then packing targets etc. into vans, driving it all to Pool and setting it all up. The redesigned stands for the foam bosses worked well, although a little tweaking will improve them still further.

We had been warned by the school that the heating wasn’t working, but when we got there we found that one heater was actually running, and with an extra couple of heaters that Paul brought in it actually wasn’t uncomfortable. We had a couple of last minute no-shows due to illness and injury, and we wish them a speedy recovery, but we were pretty close to full.

Once under way the shooting went very smoothly, with John Nunn looking after the proceedings as judge. We know there were a number of people there as their first competition, and as far as we could tell, they and the more experienced archers all enjoyed the experience.

The handicap award was won by Haydn Bridge from Redruth Archers as he managed the biggest improvement on the morning score. The winners of the awards for the total combined scores are listed in the full results list, which can be downloaded here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, by setting up, donating raffle prizes, driving vans, booking the hall and all the myriad other things that need to be done for an event like this.

We’ll be doing it all over again for the next one on 10th February, but I’m not thinking about that just yet…

Handicap Portsmouth in November

As usual, Archers of the West will be hosting our annual Handicap Portsmouth at Pool Academy on Sunday 25th November. The format will be familiar to many local archers, but we have half a Portsmouth round in the morning (the normal 20yard distance but 2 1/2 dozen arrows) and a whole Portsmouth after lunch. We calculate handicap allowances from the morning score to be applied to the afternoon score.

Many archers have handicap ratings anyway, but newer archers in particular may not have had time to acquire a handicap figure, so this shoot is ideal for everyone. The idea of a handicap shoot is that you have an allowance added to your score depending on your handicap rating. Archers who normally score highly have a lower allowance. If everyone shoots exactly to their usual standard then the scores will be even once the allowances have been added. Handicap shoots, therefore, reward the people who improve the most rather than the those who put in the highest score.

We will also have awards for the highest total score for the morning and afternoon rounds, so you get the best of both approaches.

Sign up by downloading and completing an Entry Form.

The circus is in town

Once again a circus is visiting Hayle Rugby Club and will be putting their Big Top in the top field. This means we will not be shooting on Tuesday 28th or Thursday 30th August. These events raise money for the rugby club and so help keep the fees to a minimum, so we don’t begrudge the occasional break from shooting. We will be shooting as normal next week, until the end of September. We will then be moving indoors.