Club Records – Outdoor Metric

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RoundClassArcher's NameScoreDate Achieved
Double Gents FITAGents RecurveBob Young237830-31/8/05
Double Gents FITAGents CompoundKevin Chidgey264823-24/9/06
Double Gents FITABoys U18Scott Kinsey22584-5/6/05
Double Gents FITALadies LongbowSarah Conisbee9223-4/8/13
Double Ladies FITALadies RecurveJan Martin246527-28/7/02
Double Ladies FITALadies LongbowSarah Conisbee12146-7/08/11
Double Ladies FITAGents RecurveIan Heatley18323-4/6/06
Double Metric IIIBoys U14 CompoundAlexander Heatley23134-5/8/07
Double Metric IVBoys U12 CompoundAlexander Heatley241212-13/8/06
Double Metric VIBoys U10 RecurveJohn Heatley18952-3/6/07
Gents FITAGents RecurveBob Young120331/07/05
Gents FITAGents CompoundKevin Chidgey134610/09/06
Gents FITAGents LongbowKen Osborn45308/06/02
Gents FITABoys U18Scott Kinsey105324/07/04
Gents FITALadies LongbowSarah Conisbee48604/08/13
Ladies FITA/Metric ILadies RecurveJan Martin125628/07/02
Ladies FITA/Metric ILadies LongbowSarah Conisbee62307/08/11
Ladies FITA/Metric IGents RecurveIan Heatley95904/06/06
Ladies FITA/Metric IBoys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey107017/08/03
Metric IIBoys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey125428/07/03
Metric IIIBoys U14 CompoundAlexander Heatley119805/08/07
Metric IVBoys U12 CompoundAlexander Heatley121813/08/07
Metric VBoys U10 RecurveJohn Heatley97402/06/07
Half Gents FITAGents CompoundTony Farrell57308/05/03
Half Gents FITAGents LongbowDennis Gibson17408/06/05
Half Ladies FITA/Metric 1Ladies RecurveJan Martin60608/05/03
Half Ladies FITA/Metric 1Gents RecurveIan Heatley47301/08/06
Half Metric I    
Half Metric IILadies LongbowMaureen Gibson22310/07/04
Half Metric III    
Half Metric IVBoys U12 CompoundAlexander Heatley56501/08/06
Half Metric V    
Long Gents MetricGents RecurveBob Young54528/07/02
Long Gents MetricGents CompoundKevin Chidgey64002/07/06
Long Gents MetricGents LongbowKen Osborn17408/06/02
Long Gents MetricLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee14518/08/13
Long Metric I/LadiesLadies RecurveJan Martin59530/03/03
Long Metric I/LadiesLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee26331/07/10
Long Metric I/LadiesGents RecurveAndy Latham64116/07/00
Long Metric IILadies RecurveJan Martin64704/08/00
Long Metric IILadies LongbowSarah Conisbee24126/07/10
Long Metric IIGents RecurveBob Young58704/08/00
Long Metric IIGents LongbowKen Osborn31204/08/00
Long Metric IIBoysU14 RecurveScott Kinsey21404/08/00
Long Metric IIIBoys U14 CompoundAlexander Heatley51728/05/07
Long Metric VBoys U10 RecurveJohn Heatley48824/05/07
Short MetricLadies RecurveJan Martin60709/06/01
Short MetricLadies CompoundMaureen Gibson52606/06/04
Short MetricLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee38504/08/13
Short MetricGents RecurveBob Young63531/05/03
Short MetricGents CompoundKevin Chidgey68918/06/04
Short MetricGents LongbowKen Osborn34207/09/06
Double FITA 900Gents RecurveBob Young162214/07/02
Double FITA 900Ladies RecurveJan Martin159614/07/02
FITA 900Ladies RecurveJan Martin79114/07/02
FITA 900Ladies LongbowSarah Conisbee39404/07/13
FITA 900Gents RecurveBob Young82414/07/02
FITA 900Gents LongbowPaul Phillips23709/07/13
FITA 900Gents CompoundKevin Chidgey84912/08/04
FITA 900Boys Recurve U18Scott Kinsey72212/08/04
Double FITA 720Ladies RecurveJan Martin114013/07/03
Double FITA 720Ladies LongbowSarah Conisbee34813/05/12
Double FITA 720Gents RecurveBob Young114927/04/08
Double FITA 720Gents CompoundTony Farrell115113/07/03
Double FITA 720Boys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey108113/07/03
Double Cadet 720 (60m)Boys U14 CompoundAlexander Heatley118327/04/08
FITA 720Ladies RecurveJan Martin61208/06/02
FITA 720Ladies LongbowSarah Conisbee23713/05/12
FITA 720Gents RecurveBob Young59827/04/08
FITA 720Gents CompoundKevin Chidgey68624/06/06
FITA 720Gents LongbowDennis Gibson12809/04/06
FITA 720Boys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey57910/07/03
Cadet 720 (60m)Boys U14 CompoundAlexander Heatley60627/04/08
70m 18 Arrow PassLadies RecurveJan Martin15008/06/02
70m 18 Arrow PassGents RecurveBob Young15013/07/02
70m 18 Arrow PassGents CompoundKevin Chidgey16510/07/05
70m 18 Arrow PassBoys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey14612/07/03
70m 12 Arrow PassLadies RecurveJan Martin10208/06/02
70m 12 Arrow PassGents CompoundKevin Chidgey11024/06/06
90mGents RecurveBob Young26628/07/02
90mGents CompoundKevin Chidgey32430/07/05
90mLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee5518/08/13
90mGents LongbowKen Osborn8319/08/01
70mLadies RecurveJan Martin30928/07/02
70mLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee11731/07/10
70mGents RecurveBob Young30514/07/01
70mGents CompoundKevin Chidgey33602/07/06
70mGents LongbowKen Osborn12508/06/02
60mLadies RecurveJan Martin31728/07/02
60mLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee17807/08/11
50mLadies RecurveJan Martin29930/07/01
50mLadies LongbowMaureen Gibson16912/08/06
50mGents RecurveBob Young31031/07/05
50mGents CompoundKevin Chidgey33603/06/06
50mGents LongbowKen Osborn10708/06/02
30mLadies RecurveJan Martin33415/06/03
30mLadies LongbowSarah Conisbee24714/07/14
30mGents RecurveBob Young34305/06/04
30mGents CompoundKevin Chidgey35701/08/04
30mGents LongbowDennis Gibson18712/06/06
Gents Canadian 1200Gents RecurveBob Young105105/08/01
Gents Canadian 1200Gents CompoundKevin Chidgey114418/07/04
Gents Canadian 1200Gents LongbowKen Osborn41606/08/00
Gents Canadian 1200Boys U18 RecurveScott Kinsey90418/07/04
Ladies Canadian 1200Ladies RecurveJan Martin109204/08/02
Ladies Canadian 1200Ladies LongbowJill Ward53008/07/08
Ladies Canadian 1200Gents RecurveScott Kinsey107804/08/02
Ladies Canadian 1200Boys U16 RecurveScott Kinsey107804/08/02
Boys U14 Canadian 1200Boys U14 RecurveScott Kinsey93405/08/01
Boys Mini Canadian 1200Boys U12Nicholas Barber88604/08/02
FrostbiteLadies RecurveJan Martin34712/01/01
FrostbiteGents RecurveBob Young34426/02/05
FrostbiteGents CompoundKevin Chidgey35922/01/05
FrostbiteBoys U 16 RecurveScott Kinsey32605/01/03
FrostbiteBoys U 16 CompoundScott Kinsey34330/11/03
FrostbiteBoys U 14 RecurveScott Kinsey29809/12/01
FrostbiteBoys U 12 RecurveAlexander Heatley10517/12/05