When we feel thirsty, we drink something, that’s how it works, isn’t it? Actually a small drop in water levels in your body can have a big effect. We take in water through drinks and also contained in most of the food we eat. We lose it in more ways: in urine, through breathing and perspiration. Physical activity makes you lose more water, because as you get warmer you sweat more.

The surprising bit is just how much difference small water loss can make to athletic performance. A 3% loss of water leads to up to a 19% loss in muscle strength. You generally don’t feel thirsty until you get to about a 5% loss, and by that time you could be 30% down on strength. The solution is not to wait until you feel thirsty, and not even to rely on having a cuppa halfway through the round, but to have regular mouthfuls all the way through, say after every couple of ends. Try it and see what difference it makes.

What to drink? Well, water, but a small amount of carbohydrate and salt will help top you up. This is what isotonic sports drinks are all about – they have the same concentration of salt and glucose that is normally found in your body. So use them if you like. They can be expensive, though, and it is easy to make your own. A mix of half fruit juice and half water, with a pinch of salt per litre of drink will do the job. There are plenty more recipes for home-made isotonic drinks on the web as well.

AOW break records at Newquay

Newquay Bowmen hosted their Double Worcester competition on Sunday 13th November. We had a good attendance from our club, and did rather well.

Paul Phillips has broken a club record that has been held by Dennis Gibson since 2005. Shooting his longbow, Paul broke club and DCAS Masters records as well as picking up the gold medal. His score for the single Worcester was 225 and for the double 413. Paul also received certificates for DCAS Masters longbow records he set earlier in the year. These were for a score of 299 St George shot at Redruth in September and at Lizard Peninsula in August for 366 for a single York and 598 for the double.

At the Newquay Worcester competition Stephen Badcock secured a bronze medal for shooting recurve against strong opposition. Susan Mackenzie won the barebow gold. To secure the medal she broke the DCAS County record for a double Worcester set by Lucy Nicholas two years ago at the same competition. Susan scored 191 in the morning followed by 201 in the afternoon. So the total for the double was 392, beating the previous record by 8 points.

All our members enjoyed the day thoroughly and would like to thank Newquay Bowmen for staging the event.

No session on Saturday 3rd December

We normally shoot at Ludgvan Community Centre on a Saturday afternoon through the winter season. However, there is also normally an annual chicken show booked for one Saturday. This year it is on Saturday 3rd December, so in the interests of not shooting any of the competitors there will be no archery session that day.