We are moving!

The outdoor season is almost here, and as from the beginning of April we can look forward to the feel of the grass under our feet, the warm sun and gentle breeze on our faces, and the distant thwack of arrows hitting the gold. Well, sometimes it might be mud, rain and gales, and arrows in the grass, but we usually do OK. There has been a question mark for some time over our use of our original ground at Hayle Football Club, because they wanted to sell their larger field to a housing developer to raise funds to improve the club. Between us we have looked at ways we might be able to fit in on the main pitch, but it is a smaller field and there isn’t room for the safety areas required by ArcheryGB rules. We have shot on the short practice pitch regularly, but at restricted distance and without being able to allow compound bows to be used as they require the full overshoot distance regardless of target distance.

So, we started looking for other possible sites. This isn’t easy as finding a level field that is large enough and has parking space, toilets etc. is quite difficult in this part of the world. Thankfully, Hayle Rugby Club have a nice big field and were happy for us to move there. This will only be a temporary solution, as Hayle RFC themselves are planning to move to a new site up the road, but we are optimistic that enough space can be found for us. Thanks to all at Hayle RFC for being so accommodating, and we look forward to a good partnership with them.

Thanks must go to the football club at this point as they have provided us with an outdoor home since the club was formed in 2000, and we wish them well with their development plans.

Full details of our outdoor schedule can be found here.