Grant from Hayle Town Council

In our news a while ago we reported that we had been awarded a grant from Sport England to cover the cost of replacing large amount of ageing equipment. As is usually the case with grant applications, we didn’t get the full amount we applied for. Hayle Town Council has a certain amount of funds available for community projects, and they generously decided to grant us £500.

This will help greatly towards buying some of the equipment we need, and we are grateful to the council for the support.

Valentine’s shoot

Thank you to all the archers who attended our shoot on Sunday 11th February, to the club members who helped and to John Nunn for doing his usual sterling job as judge. A Worcester and Vegas are not the easiest of rounds. The Vegas targets in particular are rather unforgiving – they are very small, anything less than a 6 scores nothing, and you have to remember to shoot your numbered arrows in the right order. It is even harder for juniors and longbows! Despite that, we were all in it together, everyone had a good go at it and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the generosity of club members and a couple of local businesses we also had a bumper stock of raffle prizes.

Jimmy and Sally Sandoe were there as usual with their shop stall as well. So, if you don’t win a medal with the shooting, at least everyone had a good chance of taking something home, one way or another.

A full results list is available to download here. Congratulations to everyone who won a trophy or a medal.