Summer Clouts

For may years we have done a series of clout shoots through the summer season. They are only at 100yards rather than the usual maximum of 180yards. This is all we can fit in our field, but it is a nice way to spend an evening as an alternative to the standard targets. The relatively short distance put it within reach of everyone, regardless of bow weight.

So, what’s a ‘clout’, anyway? The term comes from an old variant of the word “cloth”, and refers to a small flag which is placed in the ground. We aim to land our arrows in the ground as close to the flag as possible, and scores are awarded accordingly. A whole round is three dozen arrows, shot in ends of six.

This summer, weather permitting, we shall hold a clout on a Tuesday once a month at Hayle Rugby Club, on the following dates:

24th April
22nd May
26th June *edit: changed from the 19th as a few people are away at Dunster Week*
24th July
21st August
18th September

We aim to start at 5:30pm and will do a double round if the light holds out long enough.

Archers from other clubs are very welcome to come and join us for these events. Please note, though, that because this is a shared sports field we don’t allow all-carbon arrows to be used, for the simple reason they are hard to find with a metal detector. Wooden arrows are OK, mainly because they fly slower so tend to stick up in the ground and are easier to find.