Handicap Portsmouth in November

As usual, Archers of the West will be hosting our annual Handicap Portsmouth at Pool Academy on Sunday 25th November. The format will be familiar to many local archers, but we have half a Portsmouth round in the morning (the normal 20yard distance but 2 1/2 dozen arrows) and a whole Portsmouth after lunch. We calculate handicap allowances from the morning score to be applied to the afternoon score.

Many archers have handicap ratings anyway, but newer archers in particular may not have had time to acquire a handicap figure, so this shoot is ideal for everyone. The idea of a handicap shoot is that you have an allowance added to your score depending on your handicap rating. Archers who normally score highly have a lower allowance. If everyone shoots exactly to their usual standard then the scores will be even once the allowances have been added. Handicap shoots, therefore, reward the people who improve the most rather than the those who put in the highest score.

We will also have awards for the highest total score for the morning and afternoon rounds, so you get the best of both approaches.

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