Portsmouth results

That was a good, if packed, weekend. It started at 11am on Saturday picking up the trailer, loading it at the rugby club, then shooting at Ludgvan, then packing targets etc. into vans, driving it all to Pool and setting it all up. The redesigned stands for the foam bosses worked well, although a little tweaking will improve them still further.

We had been warned by the school that the heating wasn’t working, but when we got there we found that one heater was actually running, and with an extra couple of heaters that Paul brought in it actually wasn’t uncomfortable. We had a couple of last minute no-shows due to illness and injury, and we wish them a speedy recovery, but we were pretty close to full.

Once under way the shooting went very smoothly, with John Nunn looking after the proceedings as judge. We know there were a number of people there as their first competition, and as far as we could tell, they and the more experienced archers all enjoyed the experience.

The handicap award was won by Haydn Bridge from Redruth Archers as he managed the biggest improvement on the morning score. The winners of the awards for the total combined scores are listed in the full results list, which can be downloaded here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, by setting up, donating raffle prizes, driving vans, booking the hall and all the myriad other things that need to be done for an event like this.

We’ll be doing it all over again for the next one on 10th February, but I’m not thinking about that just yet…