Entry Form for Valentine’s Shoot

Archers of the West’s next open tournament is our Valentine’s Shoot, which will be held at Pool Academy on Sunday 10th February. Click here for an entry form.

We generally run this as two different rounds, and this time we will have a WA18 in the morning followed by a Worcester in the afternoon. A WA18 is 5 dozen arrows shot at 18m at a 40cm target face. If you are used to a Portsmouth, 18m is a few inches shorter than 20 yards, so most of you should be able to use your normal indoor sight mark.this is 60cm in diameter. The target two-thirds the size, though, which does focus the attention. This does make it harder to get a high score, but everyone is in it together.

You will note from the entry form that entry for juniors is free, as long as you come from another club. Devon and Cornwall Archery Society this year is supporting junior entries from central funds in an effort encourage more juniors to travel to other clubs and join in the competitions.