Results from Valentine’s Shoot

I have managed to find time to get the results sorted, and you can download a copy here. We have had to correct the golds on couple of scoresheets, as 9s had been counted. I know they are the same colour on the target, but for scoring purposes only 10s count as golds.

We had a bit of a mishap whilst setting out on the Saturday evening, and it appears I got my sums wrong when working out how many target faces we needed and we were a few short on both rounds. Thankfully Jimmy Sandoe had some WA18s in stock and arranged for Anthony Aplin to bring some Worcester faces from Redruth club’s stock. Thank you gentlemen for helping us out!

The next thing to test us was a family turning up whose entry forms hadn’t arrived for some reason. We managed to fit them in, thanks to AOTW member Jon for dropping out of the shoot. Apart from that, everything went pretty well and as far as we know everyone enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all the club members who helped out – without you it wouldn’t happen.