Teri at the UK Invictus Trials

Teri Hughes was given the opportunity recently to try archery through the Navy as part of a programme to encourage injured service people to try out for the Invictus Games. She tried archery, liked it, found Archers of the West and joined us only a few weeks ago. Now she is in Sheffield ready (at least, we hope she is ready) to compete in the UK Invictus Trials tomorrow in the Novice Archery category.

The photo shows her looking cool in the official kit.

Teri has also made into the promotional video. She makes a brief appearance with her bow a few seconds from the end.

Good luck, Teri!

Update: Teri narrowly missed out on a bronze, coming 4th overall. We think that’s a fantastic achievement. That’s especially considering she was competing against people who have been shooting a lot longer (even in the Novice category). See our Facebook page for more details.