New outdoor venue!

We have been shooting outdoors at Ludgvan Community Centre, which is fine as the team there are great to deal with, but we are a bit limited on space. It meets the safety rules for distance, but we can’t fit many targets in. A bigger venue is needed, and that’s just what we have found! By agreement with the nice people at Holman Sports Club in Camborne we will be shooting on the big flat field there from Sunday 5th May. It is even too big to fit in the photo 🙂 Yes, that’s a bit late to start the outdoor season, but the ground has been very soggy and we didn’t want to mess it up. It is not exactly dry now, but the venue has been doing some drainage improvement and the relentless rain has stopped enough for it to dry out enough to shoot on.

Let’s look forward to many happy evenings shooting in the sun.