About Archery

What archery is

Fun. We shoot because we enjoy it. Tournaments are regarded by most archers more as social events than competitive. If you are not interested in competition then simply enjoy shooting a few arrows in good company.

Compelling. The apparently simple act of shooting a bow covers so many disciplines, from the physics and engineering of the equipment, to the philosophy of becoming one with the bow, to the huge world history spanning tens of thousands of years. There is always something new to learn.

Rewarding. If you want to take it more seriously then modern archery is a highly disciplined exercise for the whole person: body and mind. Success in competition is entirely based on individual ability, so make the effort to get it right and the sky is the limit.

What archery is not

Robin Hood – men in tights. Never has been, and never will be. Just don’t go there.

Dangerous. We shoot to strict safety rules laid down by ArcheryGB, the national governing body of the sport. In fact, archery has an extremely good safety record.

Just for children. We value our junior members highly, but it’s just as good for the adults.

Needs great strength to haul back huge heavy bows. Certainly not. Good strength and stamina is needed to get to the high performance levels, but modern bows can shoot accurately with relatively light draw weights, and only a basic level of fitness is needed.

Easy. Be under no illusion, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get any good.