We can arrange a small number of “Have a Go” sessions for organised groups. These would normally be evening sessions run on a separate day to our normal shooting times. Subject to an adequate number of coaches being available, we can sometimes run daytime sessions as well. A typical session is around two hours long, and involves shooting at relatively short distance with some friendly competition amongst the participants.

We can also attend events such as fetes, fairs and school activities weeks. We can either charge a flat fee or charge each participant a modest amount to shoot a few arrows.

Please bear in mind we are all volunteers, so please contact us well in advance of your event, as any event is subject to availability of time, equipment and staff, and needs to be documented. For events not on club grounds we must visit the site in advance to assess its suitability for safety.


Like all ArcheryGB clubs, we have Public Liability insurance included in the membership fee. Whilst we would love to allow people to come along freely and have a trial session with us, the terms of the insurance cover do not allow us to do that.

All “Have a Go” sessions have to be agreed in advance at a club meeting and recorded in the club minutes. It also means that at least one person has to forego their own shooting. This means it is not normally practical for us to offer trial sessions to individuals. However, we will consider all requests as long as we have as much notice as possible.