Target Archery

Target ArcheryThis is the form practised by us, and almost all clubs within ArcheryGB. The range is laid out on level ground, indoors or out, with targets set at a range of known distances. The object here is to achieve the highest possible score through utterly consistent shooting. We must aim not only to hit the middle of the target, but to hit the middle with every single arrow.

Shoots are organised as “rounds”, which are set numbers of arrows shot at a range of distances. For example, a “Western” round is 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 4 dozen at 50 yards. There are short rounds that can comfortably be shot in a couple of hours in an evening, though to long tournament rounds that take a whole day.

Field Archery

Field ArcheryHere shooting takes place on a course laid out over rough ground and in woodland. The distances of the targets may be known or unknown. Courses usually make use of the terrain to make each shot more challenging. Slopes, hollows, streams and ponds can all be used to make judging the distance more difficult. Archers progress around the course in small groups, with each group starting at a different target. Courses are arranged carefully to ensure that nobody is in danger from archers at other targets.

Our nearest field archery club is Muscovy Archers, based near Liskeard. Visit their website for details.


A traditional form of archery where the target is a large circle flat on the ground with the centre marked by a small flag. The distances shot are long, up to 180 yards, hence bows must usually be aimed quite high to hit the target.

During the summer we shoot occasional shorter distance clouts (up to 100 yards, limited by the length of our field) as a break from the normal target rounds.

Flight Shooting

The object here is simply to shoot an arrow as far as possible. Like most clubs we can’t do this, as our field isn’t long enough! The distances involved can be huge – half a mile or more for the fastest bows. There are classes for standard target bows, and for special flight bows, some even drawn with two hands and held with the feet.